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Drama Movies


After Watch Trailer
IMDb: - votes
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2019 Year
Country: USA
Director: Jenny Gage

Watch After 2019 Online Free Movie

Based on Anna Todd's novel, AFTER follows Tessa, a dedicated student, dutiful daughter and loyal girlfriend to her high school sweetheart, as she enters her first semester in college. Armed with grand ambitions for her future, her guarded world opens up when she meets the dark and mysterious Hardin Scott, a magnetic, brooding rebel who makes her question all she thought she knew about herself and what she wants out of life.

American feature melodrama film based on the 29-year-old Anna’s Renee Todd romance. It was important for the writer to be directly involved in making the film, so the rights to the production were sold to small Aviron Pictures studio. The picture about the mutual attraction between two teenagers was directed by Jenny Gage.  The shooting process took a little more than a month and continued from July 16 to August 25.  In the romantic film, the role of young lovers were performed by young fameless actors - Australian Josephine Langford and Briton Hero Fiennes-Tiffin.

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  • Comments
did anyone get a virus from adding it to their computer???
8 June 2019 03:55 Reply
29 May 2019 16:59 Reply
29 May 2019 16:58 Reply
20 May 2019 20:32 Reply
Its not allowing me to press on it,
19 May 2019 20:53 Reply
it worked
18 May 2019 05:22 Reply
it doesnt work
15 May 2019 20:42 Reply
isnt working
14 May 2019 01:48 Reply
reply to Admin
Has download problem been fixed? Trying to watch After 2019 movie
14 May 2019 00:05 Reply
my isnt working wtf
13 May 2019 18:24 Reply
is it not working
12 May 2019 06:25 Reply
We know about the download problem. We moved to a new server and now all the movies are working. Enjoy watching
10 May 2019 12:38 Reply
sup citlali
8 May 2019 18:45 Reply
hi citlali
8 May 2019 18:43 Reply
im at skool and its working alright but theres sum stops here and there
8 May 2019 18:34 Reply
it's not working
7 May 2019 21:32 Reply
does it work
6 May 2019 15:43 Reply
any other place to watch this movie?
6 May 2019 13:48 Reply
it doesnt work
its fake
5 May 2019 19:22 Reply
does it work
5 May 2019 12:11 Reply
4 May 2019 20:25 Reply
4 May 2019 15:03 Reply
Still loading...
4 May 2019 14:52 Reply
can it pause
3 May 2019 17:37 Reply
so blurry..... is there an HD version?
3 May 2019 05:58 Reply
2 May 2019 15:45 Reply
2 May 2019 10:15 Reply
working soooo hard. and I do have good wifi
1 May 2019 16:00 Reply
anyone else ahve a blue blurry thing on the screen
1 May 2019 06:47 Reply
reply to Nehemyah
1 May 2019 06:44 Reply