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Action Movies

Jurassic Galaxy

Jurassic Galaxy Watch Trailer
IMDb: 2.3 - 100+ votes
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2018 Year
1h 14min Duration

Watch Jurassic Galaxy 2018 Online Free Movie

A team of researchers is sent on a long journey on a spacecraft. They hope to find new worlds and do not think about the bad. But in the end, their ship crashes, as a result of which they end up on an unknown planet. At first they think that everything is in order and you can live in peace here. Locals do not show any aggression, but soon one creature appears. It turns out on this planet is inhabited by ancient lizards, which humans are known as dinosaurs. These huge and bloodthirsty predators are not averse to eating uninvited guests and it will be very difficult to escape from them. Will astronauts be able to save their lives on this planet? ..
Watch Jurassic Galaxy 2018 movie online for free, without registering right now in the best quality.
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