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Mystery Movies

The Loft

The Loft Watch Trailer
IMDb: 6.3 - 47k votes
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2014 Year
$ 14 000 000 Budget
1h 48min Duration
Countries: Belgium, USA
Director: Erik Van Looy

Watch The Loft 2014 Online Free Movie

Vincent, Luke, Philip, Marty and Chris are best friends who are in the prime of their strength and energy. Each of them simply does not have one woman, even if it is very beloved, so they cheat on their wives. Once, in order not to fall for lies and not to hurt a loved one, thereby destroying his marriage, friends decided to rent a chic loft in one of the most prestigious areas of the city. This cover allows friends to spend time with mistresses without fear of consequences, since now they are spared from permanent hotel bills and suspicious personal credit cards. And everything went just fine, until Luke found the body of the murdered girl in the loft ...
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