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Action Movies


iBoy Watch Trailer
IMDb: 6.0 - 16k votes
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2017 Year
$ 1 500 000 Budget
1h 30min Duration
Country: UK
Director: Adam Randall

Watch iBoy 2017 Online Free Movie

Tom is a sixteen year old guy who is no different from his peers. He goes to school, spends time with friends and his girlfriend, and is experiencing some teenage problems. One day, Tom ran into local hooligans, who began to pester his girlfriend, and in order to intercede for her, he was forced into a fight. Calling it a duel was difficult, as several people brutally beat him, after which the guy went to the hospital in a state of coma. When he awoke, he learned that parts of a broken phone got into his brain, which doctors simply cannot extract. However, it is precisely because of this fact that Tom has superpowers that he decides to use to get revenge on the offenders ...
Watch iBoy 2017 movie online for free, without registering right now in the best quality.
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