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Drama Movies

Bitter Harvest

Bitter Harvest Watch Trailer
IMDb: 6.1 - 3k votes
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2017 Year
$ 20 000 000 Budget
1h 43min Duration

Watch Bitter Harvest 2017 Online Free Movie

The hard year of 1930 is coming and the film “Devil's Harvest” will tell about the events that took place in a Ukrainian village that tried to get used to the new government. The family of Yuri is hereditary Cossacks. He was always proud of it and never abandoned his kin. However, after the arrival of the new government, the attitude towards the Cossacks was seriously changed. Now their lives are in danger and more than one generation will beware of confessing who they really were. This young man, like many of his friends, is forced to hide the truth and, if you continue to watch the film “The Devil's Harvest” online, you can easily see this. Not so long ago, the hero had plans to ask for the hand of his chosen Natalia. After the last difficult events, the girl’s parents are not ready to marry her to a man who may have serious problems with power. This turn of events is not very like a couple in love. They try to persuade their parents, but all attempts fail. Then there is nothing left for the heroes to legitimize their relationship against the will of their relatives, but at this moment the unexpected happens, which puts the plans of young people under great doubt.
Watch Bitter Harvest 2017 movie online for free, without registering right now in the best quality.
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