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Drama Movies

Ben Is Back

Ben Is Back Watch Trailer
IMDb: 6.8 - 6k votes
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2018 Year
$ 13 000 000 Budget
1h 43min Duration
Country: USA
Director: Peter Hedges
Writer: Peter Hedges

Watch Ben Is Back 2018 Online Free Movie

Ben Barnes (Lucas Hedges) is being treated at a rehabilitation center, but before Christmas he decides to return home and, taking advantage of the moment, he escapes from the hospital. The mother (Julia Roberts), of course, is pleased with the sudden return of her son, and even the fact that once he has already given the family a lot of trouble does not darken her happiness. But soon she realizes that no change in the behavior of her beloved son has happened. He is also able to bring her a lot of grief, and it remains only to wait for trouble. The mother has only one day to protect her child from danger. But even she still does not realize how far she can go in her desire to protect her son. Within 24 hours, a mother can do the impossible to save her son, but is there anything that will stop her ?
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